North East Ohio's Earthskills Gathering

We promote sustainable living by teaching earth-friendly skills in a joyful, healthy atmosphere. Everyone is invited to participate!

* Wild Mushroom Identification * Basics of Folk Medicine Making * Sock It To Ya! Sock puppets for all! * Chagrin Valley School as Social Permaculture * Edible & Medicinal Weeds of Wayside Places * Intro to Biohacking * Building with Cob! * Soul Nourishing with Flowers * Acorn Dyeing with Kids * Restore in Nature * Introduction to Nonviolent Communication … much much more to come!

* Friction Fire 101 * Acorn Processing for Food & Medicine * Gifts from the Hive: Honey As Medicine * Interpretive Hike of the Phelps Creek Gorge * Democratic schools as a model of social permaculture * Wild Mushroom Identification * Compost! Love in Action * Biohacks for Vibrant Health * Natural Cottage Build out * Direct action 101 * DIY Herbal Oils: Make Your Own Salve & Botanical Scrub * Building Your Own Herbal Apothecary * Cooking with Wild Mushroom * Introduction to Foot Reflexology * Introduction to Nonviolent Communication * Basics of Edible Garden Designing * “Piece by Peace” A Children’s “Junk” Parade * Sustainability is Illegal * Dinosaur egg making (for kids) * Pastured pigs as farm workers * Beginning Blacksmithing * Random Weave Basket * Bug Foray * Water Management and Building an A-frame level * Introduction to Natural Poultry Keeping * Hand-bound Nature Journal * Intro to Wild Carrot Family Plants * Essential Oils, Safety, and Sustainability Issues * Plant and Mushroom Walk * The Way of the Caretaker: permaculture and beyond * Intro to home-fermented foods * The Incredible, Optimal Chicken — Back to the Jungle * Upcycled Jewelry: Paper Beads 101 * Intro to Solar Electricity * Cuddle Party and Consent Workshop * Soil Alchemy: How & Why to make Terra Preta * Primordial Movement * Historic masonry made simple * Celestial Navigation: Using the Sky as Your Guide * Talking Trees * Seed Stewardship and Plant Breeding * Herbs for Digestive Health * Mushroom Walk *

Zach Freidhof Friday night!  Contra Dancing Saturday night!  Open mic, bluegrass music, and more both nights! Bring your instruments!

* Saturday Night Star Gazing * Printing with upcycled inner tubes * Slime Making! * Herbal Safety * Herbs for your Constitution: Herbal Foot Baths! * Akhanda Yoga Practice * Restorative Yoga *

Unfortunately money is one of the few things that does NOT grow on trees…
Our volunteer organizers are working hard to create an affordable event.

We hope to make this an annual gathering. We need community buy-in.
All donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

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Group of eco-minded volunteers looking to share skills and make regional connections!


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We are a project of Kelly’s Working Well Farm (KWWF) – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  KWWF is a democratic education farm teaching children (and adults!) practices and principles of sustainable agriculture, natural building, and social permaculture. KWWF gave birth not only to Reeds & Roots Skillshare, but also Chagrin Valley School! 

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