Ashtabula Workshops

Workshops Offered at 2022 Ashtabula Reeds and Roots Skillshare

Blakeslee Log Cabin

Thanks to the Ashtabula County Historical Society for their sponsorship and use of Blakeslee Log Cabin! This venue features an historical log cabin, barn, small spring house, outdoor kitchen pavilion, and more! We encourage all attendees and teachers to make a donation or join the historical society today! Learn more about the 1810 log cabin here! 441 Seven Hills Rd, Ashtabula, OH. Conveniently located just off Rt 11, very near I-90. Click here for the map point.

Skillshare Schedule

9-9:30am:  Check-In, Welcome
9:30-10:30am:  1st Morning Workshop Block
10:45-11:45am:  2nd Morning Workshop Block
12-1pm:  LUNCH: Pita Bar! Paid option (more below)
1-2:30:  First Afternoon Workshop Block
3-4:30:  Second Afternoon Workshop Block
5-6pm:  DINNER: Potluck style! Bring something to share!
6-7:30pm:  Evening Workshop Block
8-10pm: DRUM CIRCLE!! 

Workshop Schedule (descriptions below)

(#) Limited class space; if no number, not limited.
Sign up for limited space classes at the Registration & Information Booth

First Morning Workshop (9:30 AM – 10:30 AM)
• Introduction to Herbs (HG) (20)
• Fly Tying (P) (3)
• Story time and crafts by Tina from the Ashtabula Library (B)
• Connecting with Nature (T) (15)

Second Morning Workshop (10:45 AM – 11:45 AM)
• Tai Chi & Qi Gong (OF)
• Getting Started in Beekeeping (HG) (15)
• Story time and crafts by Tina by the Ashtabula Library (B)
• Intro to Meditation (P) (Donations Accepted)
• Wild Mushroom ID (T) (20)
• Planting Mini-Forests in Northeast Ohio (C)

Midday Introduction to Yoga by Leah Hartman (12:00PM – 12:30PM) (OF) (Donations Accepted)

Monochord – Harmonic German made instrument; played by Jennifer Pierce from 1:00pm to 2:00 pm (Healing Tent)

First Afternoon Workshop (1:00 PM – 2:30 PM)
• Drop Spindle and Equipment Basics (P) (10) ($5 fee for materials)
• Introduction to Earthen Building with Uncle Mud (OF) (20)
• Free Form Weaving Grape (G/OSA) (10) ($0 – $10 fee for materials)
• Homesteading 101 (B) (15)
• Blacksmithing (Behind Cabin-C) (15)

Second Afternoon Workshop (3:00 PM – 4:30 PM)
• Easy Recycle/Up Cycle Household Goods (C) (15)
• Foraging for the Heart of Cravings (T) (20)
• Beekeeping Q & A (OSA)
• Intro to Earth’s Water Cycle (P) (15)
• Self Esteem for Youth (B) (25)

Early Evening Workshop (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM)
• Stop treating your soil like dirt. Earth-friendly methods of improving soil fertility (OSA)
• Permaculture: Saving the World One Backyard at a Time (B)
• Fix Your Own Brakes & Save Hundreds! (OF) (20)
• Hot Sauce Fermentation (P) (12)
• Sunset Yoga w/ Leah Hartman (In front of Cabin) (Donations accepted)

After Dark (8:00PM – 10:00 PM)
• Night Skies (OF) (Depends on weather/clouds)
• Large Drum Circle around the fire (OF)

Healing Arts Area (Must Sign Up at Gazebo – Limited spots available)
• Nourish Mind, Spirit and Body (Reiki & Aromatherapy w/Leah Hartman) (Donations accepted)
• Massage by Sarina Bowers, L.M.T.

AND! We have community friends offering info in the vending booth area:
Community Cats Coalition of Ashtabula County will have information on low cost options to spay/neuter, how to use humane traps, the trap/neuter/release help they offer, and info on the cats they have available for adoptions.

Workshop Descriptions:

Getting Started in Beekeeping
How do I start a beehive? Where do I get bees? When can I harvest the honey? Find the answers to these questions and more!  
Linda Dole

Planting Mini Forests in Northeast Ohio
In this presentation/workshop Glenn Gall and Kelly Clark will introduce the Miyawaki mini-forest concept that has been used throughout the world to create tiny, mature forests in a short time-frame. We will discuss why and how such mini-forests are designed and installed and brainstorm about how we could jump-start a mini-forest movement in northeast Ohio! Participants will also have the chance to design their own mini-forest.
Kelly Clark and Glenn Gall

Making Fermented Hot Sauce
In this workshop participants will assemble their own lacto-fermented hot sauce using hot peppers, onions, garlic and other optional fruits, veggies, herbs and/or spices such as carrots, apples, peaches, cilantro, celery leaves, cumin, coriander, allspice, etc. Lacto-fermentation uses a saltwater brine and optional whey addition plus time to create a probiotic rich and tangy final product. Participants will take home a quart jar of ingredients ready to place on the counter to ferment for a period before blending up and bottling. While materials will be supplied, participants are encouraged to bring some of their own ingredients to personalize their hot sauce.
Kelly Clark, More Than A Farm, Kelly’s Working Well Farm

Wild Mushroom Identification
Join Don King aka The Mushroom Hunter on a guided mushroom hike! Learn how to find, identify, cook, and preserve the various wild edible mushrooms we have here in NE Ohio.
Family Friendly
Don King, The Mushroom Hunter

Living the sweet life – Beekeeping Q&A
Beekeeping Q&A – From that sounds cool to what have I done now?
Family Friendly
Russ Coltman, Coltman Apiaries

Permaculture: Saving the World One Backyard at a time
The threat of climate change calls for a revolution in our way of life, toward a sustainable future. Permaculture offers this revolution in the brilliant disguise of a gardening fad that is really developing a deep understanding of the complex workings of natural systems. Renee will share the basic principles of Permaculture and will share examples of how she is implementing biological principles in her back yard garden and in her social justice activism.
Family Friendly

Renee Ruchotzke

Metalworking, using a forge and anvil. Mostly demonstration and Q&A.
Family Friendly
Class Limit: 15
Brittany Zarczynski

Fix Your Own Brakes & Save Hundreds!
Learn how to replace the brake pads on a car in a hands-on class! Save the cost of labor you would pay at the mechanic by doing it yourself, which is about half!
For Adults but Open to Youth
Josh Dean

Beginning Hand Spinning
Basics of hand spinning with & without a drop spindle. You can choose to pay $10 for drop spindle & fiber to take home.
Family Friendly
Gaille Ruhl

Fly Tier (how to tie fishing fly)
Making flies for fly fishing. Anyone can observe, 3 people can tie a fly at a time at 3 work stations. No fee.
Family Friendly
Jim Owens, Dorset Food Forest

Intro to Herbs
An introduction to common herbs that grow all around us. It will include identification and use.
Family Friendly

Donna Devadoss, Dorset Food Forest

Freeform Weaving on Grape Vine
Free and inexpensive materials are all around us from natural materials that we can forage to scraps of fabric, yarn, string, and wire. We will be working with some simple techniques that can translate to a variety of media. Our project for this class will be to weave a tree using a grape vine ring as a frame. The grapevine will be provided for this class and tools will be available to borrow. If you have remnants of yarn, feel free to bring them. Otherwise, you can pitch in $5 and I will have yarn for you to use.
For adults but open to youth
Class limit: 10 people (1 child + 1 adult = 1)

Vicky Sheldon, Manitu Okahas Studio

Library Storytime for Kids
Join Miss Tina as you get your wiggles out and listen to stories. She will also have a craft for you to make and take home.
Family Friendly
Tina Conrad, Ashtabula County District Library-Geneva Branch

Tai Chi & Qi Gong
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. Today it is primarily practiced as an exercise that promotes the flow of “Chi” or energy in the body, leading to good health, good balance and a positive mental outlook. Qi Gong is an exercise whereby practitioners learn how to move “Chi” throughout the body to cleanse and renew organs and tissues to maintain optimal health. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are related physical practices that done on a regular basis will help to ensure good health and well-being.
Family Friendly
Dave & Kathy Wayman

Foraging for the Heart of Cravings
“To crave” once meant “to ask” or “to demand.” Today’s definition means “to desire,” implying that a craving is not a necessity. But what if the tongue’s desire for a food or taste is really the body demanding nourishment it isn’t getting? What if the food desired isn’t really satisfying the body’s demand and the craving persists? This foraging activity with herbalist Leah Wolfe will explore systems of color, taste, aroma, and texture to find foods and herbs to help satisfy cravings. Explore plant sensations and get to the heart of your cravings.
Family Friendly

Leah Wolfe, Trillium Center

Introduction to Meditation
Breathwork & Meditation session.
Family Friendly
Gloria Campbell, Art of Living

Night Skies
Check out the night skies! See the moon, stars and planets. (Weather dependent)
Family Friendly
Mary Graves, Squishy Art by Mary, LLC

Stop treating your soil like dirt. Earth-friendly methods of improving soil fertility
I will delve into the research regarding soil health and soil biology and present methods for improving soil fertility, health, and tilth, and then present simple means for attendees to put these methods into practice.
For adults but open to youth
Randy Ruchotzke

Easy Recycle/Upcycle Household Goods
Recycle Cotton Clothing/and household recycled fabrics into Totebags/Garden Bags, Aprons, Gathering Aprons, Potholders + Fabric Baskets. I will have Samples for Sale, would appreciate $1.00 fee for Copies of basic printed instructions.
Family Friendly
Class limit: 12-15 people.
Jean Thompson

Introduction to Earthen Building with Uncle Mud
Get Muddy with Uncle Mud. Join us for a hands-in exploration of this simple and forgiving building technique that has been used for thousands of years to build everything from houses to furniture and furnaces to pizza ovens out of sandy clay and straw. Fun for kids of all ages especially you.
Family Friendly
Chris McClellan, Uncle Mud

Nourish mind, body & spirit
Scheduled all level yoga classes weave seated & standing poses, empowering affirmations, breathwork & meditation into a powerful practice to refresh your total being. Style will transition from active & energizing earlier in the day to gentle & releasing as we move toward evening hours. Bring a mat, beach towel or blanket for practice (mats may be available for sale prior to class start).
In between scheduled classes, adult attendees will have the opportunity to register for Reiki & aromatherapy treatments with Rev. Leah Hartman, CYT, C-EOC, Reiki master & certified aromatherapist. These are great for resetting the spirit & lifting your mood.
For adults but open to youth
Class size limited: 10 people

Leah Hartman, Shanti Yoga Love Yoga & Wellness Center

Homesteading 101
John homesteads in Jefferson, OH at Red Beet Row education farm. He would love to save you time and money in building your homestead. Some topics he’ll cover will include: overall design for efficiency, on-farm livelihoods, food-fuel-medicine production, woodland/orchard management, integrating livestock, and aquaculture. John will be sure to have the best references for you to get started on your journey.
Family Friendly
John Wright, Red Beet Row

IPride Self-Esteem Workshops for Youth
IPride is a self-esteem-building program for youth, aligned and designed with social-emotional learning standards, placing emphasis on mindfulness, creative thought, expression, and basic physical fitness.
Family Friendly
Laura Gray, IPRide network

Learn Massage
Learn About the healing power of Massage Therapy, Proper Body Mechanics for ceratin tasks to reduce injuries, How to Heal injuries sooner, How to Massage at Home
Family Friendly
Class limit: 5 people

Sarina Bowers, LMT

Intro. to Earth’s Water Cycle
I will be introducing the Earth’s water cycle and talking about how different environments contribute to the cycle. I will also discuss how human societies have disrupted this cycle and what we can do to restore it.
Family Friendly

Drum Circle!
Centering ones mind through rhythm. Tuning into your heartbeat. S.T.O.V.E simultaneous transmissions of vibrational energy. Hands on for all ages. I will have earth drums as well as hand held percussion and a full drum kit. Bring a drum if you have one!
Family Friendly
David Donohue, David Henry Designs

Connecting with Nature
This workshop will invite attendees to learn about how to work with nature to support connection + grounding + calming. This is a chance to establish or regenerate a reciprocal practice of mindful connection with nature that can serve as a living foundation to any spiritual and/or self-development work currently being done. Come practice the ancient ways of listening (and talking) to the trees, rock gazing, and intuitive movement guided by nature.
Family Friendly
Class Limit: 15

Courtney Noster, Inner Nature Discovery