Reeds and Roots Skillshare Kent - Workshops

(all workshops are family friendly unless otherwise noted)

Fun With Fragrances
Kofi Khemet (Blackfacts)

Most people have no idea how fragrances are used for pleasure, healing and spiritual edification. This workshop seeks to demystifying the most mystique that has left people confused and mystified, when it comes to the fragrances we all know and love and even some which we may not like at all. This will be an introduction to fragrances from around the world, their uses, origins and historical significance using games based on Japanese Incense listening games. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to take some of the items used in the workshop with them to prolong the experience beyond the “classroom.”

Don’t throw those jeans away, and sew a button on it!
The Socially Responsible Sweatshop

The Socially Responsible Sweatshop will show what can be done with jeans after they no longer are worn as pants .Also, come and learn how to sew a button on a garment.

Plumbing: Learn to Fix Your Own Sink, Faucet & Drain
Stephanie Blessing  (Red Beet Row)

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll have a few sink models to try your hand at taking apart faucets, drains, and sink pieces so you can see how to replace what and when. Learn to deal with stubborn stuck parts, what tools you need, and what materials to buy. Take plumbing repairs into your own hands!

Winter Sowing – veggies, herbs & flowers
Melissa Celko

Use this inexpensive and low maintenance approach to seed prolongation for vigorous and productive annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies!

Introduction to Earthen Building with Uncle Mud
Uncle Mud

Get Muddy with Uncle Mud. This is a hands-on exploration of how sandy clay and straw have been used for thousands of years to build houses and furniture, furnaces and even pizza ovens. Fun for children of all ages.

Wild Mushroom Identification
Don King (The Mushroom Hunter)

Learn how to find, identify, prepare, and preserve the many different edible wild mushrooms we have here in NE Ohio.

Drum Circle 101
Don Wade Davis

* a camping/folding chair is recommended for this workshop
* a few instruments will be available, but bring your own if you have them!

We are all born with rhythm…our very own heartbeats. We will guide you through the exploration of your own natural rhythm as we create a polyrhythm with the group. This meshing of unique beats requires listening to those around you, and when channeled properly, creates a space for meditation, dance and celebration. You will learn the basics of hand drumming techniques, a few simple drum patterns, and how to weave the patterns into polyrhythms. You will be surprised to learn just how easy it is to play a simple rhythm and quickly become an integral part of a complex polyrhythm which when played for a period of time can literally sooth your soul.

How To Egg Tan a Rabbit Hide
Elijah Willis (Kelly’s Working Well Farm)
I will explain and demonstrate 3 phases of hide tanning with egg; salting, fleshing/egg wash, washing and stretching. I will have 3 hides already prepared for each step and then demonstrate the process. Participants will be able to have some hands on experience.

Hedgehogs 101: What to do if you find a hedgehog outside or one in need
Amber Ollis (Heavenly Hedgehog Retirement Home)

I have been rescuing hedgehogs for close to ten years and am in the process of making my rescue a 5013C. Heavenly Hedgehog Retirement Home is located in NE, Ohio and takes in several dozen hedgehogs each year. As of 2020, hedgehogs are endangered and more individuals need to be educated on what to do if you find one in the wild. I would like to bring two of my current hedgehogs to educate others (they will be able to touch the hedgehog if they wish, look at quills that have been shed, and tons of books and informational pamphlets)- on how to help preserve this species and help the ones we have here in America. (They are not native to America, so it is almost always a death sentence if they are found outside).

Who Decides? An introduction to Sociocracy
Renee Ruchotzke

In this workshop, we’ll explore: why sociocracy works well for governance; basic concepts of the practice; and a few stories of how it is being used to transform communities. Participants will gain an understanding of what sociocracy is and is not; key concepts that sociocracy uses to facilitate more efficient and effective governance; and resources for learning more.

Fun with Math (the world’s oldest game, from Africa)
Kofi Khemet (Blackfacts)

The world’s oldest game comes from Africa. I have been able to document it’s continued popularity in over 100 countries on nearly every continent. There are many versions of this game that have been developed since the days of the Pharoahs of Egypt, some of the oldest players of the game. My brothers and I taught ourselves the game when I was 12, after visiting Uganda, in East Africa. The version we learned is infinitely more complex than the version I’ll be teaching. But, even the simplified version participants will learn is complex enough that computer programmers still use a digital version of the game to calibrate the processing speed of modern computers. Young children who learn this game are among some of the most successful in school and in life. One of the most famous players was Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania. His playing skills drew a lot of attention insuring his father would send him to school. The game has also been used to squelch internecine violence in various parts of Africa, historically.

Making Kombucha
Kelly Clark (Kelly’s Working Well Farm)

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is full antioxidents and probiotics, and has many other health benefits! This workshop will show how to begin the fermenting process. Registered participants will leave with a starter batch. (Seats are limited, come early to register.) 

Permaculture: Saving the World One Backyard at a Time
Renee Ruchotzke
The threat of climate change calls for a revolution in our way of life, toward a sustainable future. Permaculture offers this revolution in the brilliant disguise of a gardening fad that is really developing a deep understanding of the complex workings of natural systems. Renee will share the basic principles of Permaculture and will share examples of how she is implementing biological principles in her back yard garden.

Nonviolent Communication Skills
Sara Koopman

Would you like to have more healthy connections with the people in your life? Would you like more tools for navigating conflict? Nonviolent communication offers ways to listen deeply to, and ultimately meet, our own and other’s needs.

Stop treating your soil like dirt. Earth-friendly methods of improving soil fertility 
Randy Ruchotzke
I will delve into the research regarding soil health and soil biology and present methods for improving soil fertility, health, and tilth, and then present simple means for attendees to put these methods into practice.

How to Raise Backyard Chickens
Frances Penney and Zoe Mistur

We will discuss how to raise chickens in your very own backyard! Mother and daughter, Frances Penney and Zoe Mistur, discuss how to raise chickens from chicks, what to feed your hen(s), possible predators to watch out for, and more. Have questions about raising chickens or just simply want to learn a little more about backyard flocks? Join us!

Foraging for Nutrition and Survival
Tom Lacerda

Join us as we explore edible plants growing in the park and near where you live. Learn and share tips for time and labor saving ways to prepare food. The class will have an eye towards nutrition, avoiding poisonous plants, understanding scientific papers on edible plants, and getting the most calories out of foraging compared to the time put in.

Composting Revolution!
Ben McMillan (Rubber City Reuse)

Teaching and conversations about the state of composting in our region, how to compost at home, what is compostable and how you can join the composting revolution!
Planting Mini-Forests in Northeast Ohio
Glenn Gall and Kelly Clark 
In this presentation/workshop Glenn Gall and Kelly Clark will introduce the Miyawaki mini-forest concept that has been used throughout the world to create tiny, mature forests in a short time-frame. We will discuss why and how such mini-forests are designed and installed and brainstorm about how we could jump-start a mini-forest movement in northeast Ohio! Participants will also have the chance to design their own mini-forest.

Solar Applications for Home, Farm, or Business
Tom Rapini and Valerie Garrett (A’s and O’s Farm)

From lighting a path, to powering your entire house, there are all levels of ways you can bring solar generated electricity into your life. Doing so will not only save you money in the long run, it can provide you with measures of energy independence while also helping the environment and the planet!
This workshop will give you ideas and knowledge that you can take home and apply to energy-demanding tasks around your home or farm. Need to light a shed? Power a remote water pump? Open a door on a hot greenhouse? Automatically turn on a fan to cool the garage? Or how about installing (or having a professional install !) an array large enough to power your entire home, farm or business? All these will be discussed conceptually and practically.
Most importantly, you will have a chance to go hands-on, wiring up solar panels yourself so that you can learn enough electricity fundamentals to possibly tackle a do-it-yourself solar project, or at the least converse intelligently with a solar installer.

Boundaries and Consent
Rabbi Lee Moore 
Living closer to the Earth requires us to bolster our communication and relational skills. In this workshop we will employ embodied techniques for practicing setting boundaries and better understanding how to give and receive with consent.
*this workshop is intended for adults only
Handspinning to Weaving: Then & Now
Gaille Ruhl
(more info to come)
Fermented Compost and Your Gut
Fred Richmond (Mother Father Farms LLC)
Microbes keep us alive.