About Us

Reeds & Roots Skillshare is an all-volunteer run labor of love! We are a group of skilled volunteer organizers committed to building community through earthskills gatherings in NE Ohio. We live all over the NE Ohio region and beyond. Among our group, we have farmers, herbalists, builders, and teachers of all sorts.

Our gathering was inspired by the Whippoorwill Festival in Kentucky. Red Beet Row education farmers helped to organize that gathering for a number of years and have passed on lessons to our organizing group of approximately ten volunteers who make decisions by consensus and work closely with our larger body of volunteers. 
Earthskills gatherings are educational events, geared for all ages. Teachers apply to put on workshops, sharing skills that promote earth friendly living, such as natural building, basket making, mushroom ID, cordage, hide tanning, activism, fermentation, wild medicine ID, organic gardening, building with pallets/trash, food preservation… skills that promote the betterment of the earth, sustainable living, and $-free-living, for both rural and urban settings!  Learn more about them at EarthskillsGathering.Org
We look forward to meeting you and building connections at this year’s Skillshare!