Please bring your own plate, bowl, silverware, cup/mug/bottle, snacks!


We are still working out our meal plan for 2020. Dinners will be provided as part of your ticket admission, but we aren't sure yet about the rest. We prioritize fresh local ingredients, and vegetable-heavy healthy dishes. Our budget is tight, so at the least bring snacks!

Food Allergies / Preferences

Due to the number of attendees, unfortunately we cannot accommodate individual food preferences. If you need to know the ingredients, please ask! Be sure to indicate your medical allergies and food preferences when you buy tickets. Our kitchen crew will do their best to prepare healthy food most of us can eat. (People who are seriously allergic will need to speak to our Kitchen Coordinator on-site.)

Camp Fires

We have designated communal camp fires, and there are several personal-sized camp fire rings lining the lake shore. No other camp fires are allowed. Personal camp stoves are permitted.

Drinks & Coffee

Drinking water is available from the tap at Camp Roosevelt Firebird. It is well water, and the Camp is on sulfur deposits, so it tastes sulfur-y. It is treated with chlorine, and other normal disease-killing additives, and is potable and approved for consumption. Please bring a reusable water bottle. If you don't like the taste of the sulfur, please bring your own water and/or filters. Community Coffee! We'll have a coffee station - donate a buck and fill up your mug. Bring a mug! You should bring any other beverages you want - electrolytes, spring water, etc.