Location & Lodging

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Camp Roosevelt Firebird

- Remotely located on Leesville Lake
- Engulfed in pine forest
- Surrounded by the Leesville Wildlife Area
- Swimming, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards
- Zero cell reception…

Build a Regional Network for Earthskills!

Located in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, and YET still North East Ohio, Camp Roosevelt Firebird is:
2 hrs from Cleveland
2 hrs from Columbus
1.5 hrs from Pittsburgh
2 hrs from Ashtabula
Plan to unplug, arrive, and re-connect!


Tent Camping

Tent camping is included in your admission ticket. There are forested areas (yes *poison ivy), open fields, and shady edges in between. There should be plenty of hammock options (tree-friendly straps, please – trees are not to be damaged), as well as flatter spots for pitching a tent.  There are a few options for car-camping, as well.

There is designated “family camping” with a quiet time each night beginning at midnight. 

There is also a designated “late night camp” for those wishing to stay up late around the camp fire, playing instruments, sharing stories and songs.

RV Campsites

There are no hook-ups.  We have a few designated flat spots where car-campers and smaller RVs could park. Large RVs are discouraged. Generators are prohibited.

Private Cabin Rental

We have rustic cabins available for purchase when you purchase your ticket. PLEASE EXPECT *RUSTIC CONDITIONS.

Please bring your own linens and toiletries
(emergency linens will be available)

Roosevelt Cabins

Rent a whole cabin with bunk-beds a bit further away from the action.  Each cabin is its own building, with 5+ bunk beds (10+ total beds), electric, and multiple toilet stalls & showers inside.  Designed to accommodate 10 people during kids camp, also comfortably fits a family or two.  Price: $200 for whole event

Firebird Bunk Beds 

Rent a bunk bed in a dorm-style environment. You will share a room with 4-10 others. The space has electric and is in the middle of the action.  The bathrooms and showers are shared stalls a short walk to the end of the building. Price: $25 per bed for whole event

House Cabin 

Rent a small house right in the middle of the action! Includes 2 private rooms, a queen bed, a big futon, electric, and private bath & shower.  Comfortably fits 4 people. Close to programming, dining hall, buildings, and GREAT view of the Lake!  Price: $225 for whole event

Tiny Cabin 

Rent a cozy one-room cabin, perfect for 1 person or a couple.  Includes a queen bed, electric, and private bath & shower.  A very short walk from programming, dining hall, buildings.  Price: $200 for whole event 

Camper Cabin 

Rent the permanent camper that lives at Camp Roosevelt Firebird.  It provides a private space close to the action, and a great view of the Lake!  Does NOT include electric or private bathrooms.  Price: $100 for whole event

*NOTE: Camp water comes from a sulfur well – safe to drink, but tastes like sulfur. Please expect outdoor rustic conditions – poison ivy, exposure to weather, critters, bugs, and humidity. Our best cleaning efforts do not erase evidence of critters, moisture, and nature.* 

2020 Site info

Camp Roosevelt-Firebird is a summer camp providing kids with a wide array of fun and meaningful activities in a caring environment. Their program fosters self-confidence, leadership, respect and humor. Campers gain an appreciation for the environment, diversity and making the world a better place.  

Located in the beautiful rolling foothills of the Allegheny Plateau in Northeastern Ohio, Camp Roosevelt-Firebird sits on a peninsula jutting out into Leesville Lake and hugs more than half a mile of shoreline. Their 104 acres of shoreline, forest, fields, pasture, creeks, and hills are completely surrounded by public land that is managed and protected by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.  

Camp Roosevelt Firebird was built as a family farm (complete with a 1890’s barn), creating a beautiful sense of peace. From the shoreline at night, one sees no other lights or buildings.  

Leesville Lake was constructed for flood control in 1930’s as a part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal. Young men in the National Youth Administration were put to work as they built the Camp’s dining hall and lodge and then used these structures as barracks; the young men planted the millions of white pines that line the shores of the lake.

The land where Camp sits today was likely once inhabited by native tribes. Indigenous peoples have always lived in Ohio and still do today. The organizers of Reeds & Roots Skillshare acknowledge our occupation on native land. Ohio tribes that may have been here include:  Seneca, Illinois, Iroquois, Chippewa, Delaware, Erie, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Kickapoo, Kaskaskia, Miami, Wyandot and Shawnee. Many native tribes were driven from Ohio through waves of disease, colonization, and the French and Indian War of 1688 – 1763, among other wars.  Those who remain are still working for equality, recognition, and violence against women. Here are a few links:


*104 acres of forest (pine along the Lake) *Historic barn *Farm Animals *Lodge *Designated fire circles *Dining hall *Water toys *Private cabins *Indoor plumbing including showers and flush toilets *Lake and creek ecosystems to explore! *Hiking trails *Leesville Lake for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding *Drinking water is well water and is sulfur water as the camp sits on sulfur deposits. If you do not want to drink the water from the camp please plan to bring your own water or filters from home. *