What we Needs

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Our Work Trade team is recruiting certified lifeguards for our event August 18-19.  We may even be able to pay you!  

Please contact us or fill out our Work Trade Application if you are available.

Crafty People! 

We need crafty people to make thank-you gifts for our instructors. In exchange, we’ll give you $20 admission!  Can you make 20-50 of something hand-crafted and useful?  Please contact us if you can!


Treasures from Trash!

We are collecting a number of found items to re-purpose at the skillshare. Please contact us if you can contribute! 

  • Leftover plastic or weather-resistant signs w/blank backs
  • Tarps, plywood, scrap material that can be made into signs or sides of temporary structures
  • Rods/strong sticks to post signs
  • Paints, markers, duct tape
  • Zip ties, bungies, paracord, rope, fasteners
  • 2×4 lumber, plywood, pallets
  • Buckets: 5 gallon and smaller
  • Large tubs: 15-20 gallon or larger
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