What’s for Kids at Reeds and Roots Skillshare?

More like what ISN’T for kids?!  This is an event you WANT to bring your kids to!

We offer 3 ways to keep your kids AS engaged as YOU are:

1. Kids Workshops and Activities

Our organizing team works hard to put something on the schedule for youth during all workshop times and throughout the weekend. Many adult workshops are appropriate for kids, and those are marked in the Workshops. Many kids workshops are activities geared specifically for kids. We even have kids teaching workshops! Let us know if you have questions beforehand.

2. Kids Norms

During Morning Circle each day, we go through Norms for our event, explaining guidelines for the culture we want to foster. We also go through Kids Norms! Please help us re-inforce these with your kids:

We encourage free range kids

Kids, with your parent’s permission, you are invited to play with a buddy anywhere you want
as long as:

  • Your parents know where you are at all times
  • You do not disrupt other people from doing things
  • You do not destroy Camp Whitewood or nature
  • You always have a buddy near you
  • If you get lost and you can see the info booth, go there and tell an adult you are lost.
  • If you get lost and you don’t know where you are, stay in place. We WILL find you, but only if you stay in place.
  • Wear your shoes

Kids, if you can NOT follow these Norms, we will ask you to stay with your parent at all times

3. Co-Parenting Check Point

We encourage parents and childless adults who love kids to self-organize watch and care over our little ones.  We will have a sign-up board and check-in points for anyone interested in participating at our Information Booth. There will be time slots to volunteer.  This is particularly useful for Workshop Instructors who need to leave their children with someone as they teach.

If you can volunteer some time to children, our parents will be grateful to you!  We particularly encourage non-parent adults to volunteer! It takes a village to raise us!


We do NOT offer childcare.  Your child is your responsibility the whole time you are with us.

Philosophy and Atmosphere

Our view of children is inspired by the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, and its call to bring more children and young people into the outdoors. While we have workshops and activities specifically for children, we highly encourage unstructured activities. Camp Whitewood includes plenty of spaces to explore and play!

Reeds and Roots Skillshare promotes a healthy, family-friendly atmosphere. The use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and smoking are prohibited from Camp Whitewood. Quiet time is marked on the main schedule each night. This is not a clothing-optional event.